Friday, July 20, 2012

Weddings: A Lot of Fun For Everyone!

A wedding is more than a bride and groom making a commitment to each other. It is a special day filled with special moments for all in attendance. An important day, such as your wedding, is meant to be documented, but how much should you spend to capture all the significant moments? In 2011, the average bride spent $2,299 on a photographer and $1,486 on a videographer according to The Knot’s annual survey. The survey also noted the first increase in overall average cost (excluding honeymoon) since 2007. With larger wedding budgets, have brides spent more on photographers and videographers?

The answer is no, the average spent on photographers decreased over the past five years while their wasn't much of a change in the cost of videographers. Many weddings incorporated additional entertainment into their reception, which may be the cause of the increased wedding cost. Brides now rent a photo booth or hire a comedian to make the wedding reception fun for everyone! It will be interesting to see if the added entertainment trend continues and if the average cost rises with it.

Have you been to a wedding reception that had a photo booth or comedian? Did you like having the extra entertainment?