Monday, January 14, 2013

Concrete Slab For My Cabin?

log cabin
log cabin (Photo credit: KurtVon)

So I'm the proud new owner of a log sided cabin up north and I'm thinking about adding a concrete slab in the kitchen. I visited a few sites and filled out some requests for info and the responses were pure prose! 

As someone who was apparently writing in a non-native language sent me via email, "
Granite countertops are a very popular destination for today’s kitchens, even if they are heavy. Many people understand the perfect tool for granite in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere in your home.
Update the work surface will help you look good kitchen, but what you choose for your countertop? Granite is the obvious choice because of the strength, durable and beautiful, but if you want, granite tile or granite slab for your counter? A granite countertop is easy to clean, no grooves, such as tiles, but tiles usually cost less.
Granite tiles and granite slabs of stone come exactly the same. This seems pretty obvious, but there are people who do not know. The only real problem is looking and finding a granite counter that you like and then thinking of how you want it installed and placed.
How can you not buy that???