Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Will Social Security Cover? Sleep Apnea?

Social Security Card
Social Security will evaluate sleep apnea just as they would any other medical and/or mental condition. You may be wondering how Social Security evaluates disabling impairments. Social Security disability is awarded based upon functional limitations rather than specific medical conditions, consequently sleep apnea is considered a medical condition by Social Security.

However, Social Security disability examiners must consider how your sleep apnea limits your functional ability in order to determine the severity of your condition by Social Security disability rules and regulations.

It is most likely (in most cases) that sleep apnea will not be a severe enough condition to warrant an allowance for Social Security disability, although sleep apnea in conjunction with other cardiovascular or pulmonary conditions may result in a Social Security disability allowance.

Just how does Social Security evaluate any medical and/or mental condition? Social Security uses a five step sequential evaluation. This evaluation considers the severity of your conditions, your work history, education, the length of time you have been or expect to be out of work, and your ability to be retrained for a job that is compatible with your limitations. They should also encourage you to find job specific resources on the internet, such as doctor jobs for those with physician experience, and secretary jobs with those of similar experience. Be sure your medical and metal condition is in accordance with what you are looking for.