Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Packing Up for Albany Oregon

The Willamette River Valley
The Willamette River Valley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Now that summer is finally here, I'm excited to spend more time outdoors with my friends and family. It's always been a family tradition to go camping for a weekend, and although we've always done something a little close to home, this year I would like to try and go someplace new. I've never been out to the state of Oregon, and there are quite a few national parks around the Willamette Valley regional area. The weather out there is quite nice during the summer, and for those of us that want to spend a day in civilization, the surrounding towns of Corvallis and Albany are quite nice. Not to mention, there are quite a few winery tours we could do while staying in the area.

I'm always thinking about moving, and I was looking through some Albany Oregon real estate here online to see if there was anything that would suit my interests. Of course, it's tough to make that kind of decision from pictures online, but I have to start somewhere I guess.

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