Monday, February 24, 2014

“Son of God” and Similar Movies

We already know the main characters, the ruthless traitors, the sickening torture, and how it all ends, yet Hollywood still keeps on making films about Jesus Christ. But these film producers are sure of one thing—there will always be a loyal following for these movies about the life of Jesus. So what makes Son of God different from the rest of the pack? 

If you were part of the big audience who watched History Channel’s blockbuster miniseries The Bible, you are probably familiar with the actors and the cinematography, because they are one and the same. Remember the popular controversy that Satan looked a lot like President Obama? Yes, that miniseries, but don’t look forward to those Satan scenes because they’ve already removed them to avoid a similar frenzy. Besides the re-edited scenes, there’s also some additional footage in the movie, which covers the life of Jesus from the Nativity to the Resurrection. 

Another take on Jesus’ life, another way of reliving the New Testament especially before the start of the Holy Week. And if you’re keen to watch a marathon of movies similar to Son of God, here are some remarkable ones that we think are worth a second—third, fourth—look.


The Passion of the Christ

Mel Gibson’s 2004-movie received rave reviews from the general audience and multiple awards from critics and award-giving bodies. The movie successfully attracted people’s attention, which may be because of the graphic morbid scenes it exposed. Was it exaggerated? Who could say? The Bible did talk about the significant pain that Jesus endured during his imprisonment up to his crucifixion. I admittedly only saw this movie once because I couldn’t take the cruelty that human beings like you and me could impart on other people.



Also known as The Jesus Film, this movie goes way back 1979 but cable TV is still showing this movie based on the Bible’s Gospel of Luke in the New Testament. Jesus definitely created waves all over the world and was translated into different languages—first translation was into Tagalog for the people in the Philippines, the Asian country with the highest number of Catholics.  


The Great Passion Play

If you’re looking for more than just sitting in the couch this year, you can watch Jesus’ life in person at the Great Passion Play live in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Besides the outdoor play, you can also visit the 67-foot Christ of the Ozarks, a remarkable sculpture of Jesus and was built by hand. Another attraction is the Holy Land Tour, a 2-hour interactive Biblical teaching tour with exhibits and Biblical characters you can meet. Also, don’t miss the Bible Museum and the Sacred Arts Museum that show a diverse mix of creative mediums that portray Christ and the life of Christians. You can buy tickets for 2014 season as early as today or you can call them to make group reservations at 800-882-7529. For lodging concerns, I would recommend this quiet and peaceful bed and breakfast for a relaxed mind and soul.

Whatever you decide to do this coming Holy Week, remember that it’s not just about the entertainment factor, but also on how the experience benefits us as Christians and as a person.

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