Thursday, August 28, 2014

The All-Around Benefits of Geocaching

Looking for some real-world adventure? Or do you just want a goal while taking long walks? Try geocaching, a recreational activity of searching for hidden objects using GPS coordinates posted on a website. Once you find the cache or box, write your name in the log book and put it back to where you found it. Some participants even leave behind a gift to fellow geocachers!

Besides the fun geocaching brings about to travelers, it also provides a whole lot of benefits to a person’s body and psyche. So if you’re thinking about what to do on your next trip, consider adding geocaching to your itinerary because you’ll earn a lot more for yourself.

1.       Helps you become physically active. Geocaching lets you go outdoors, enjoy the sunshine, and work out your body—all while having fun. There are also different difficulty levels for hunting so just choose the appropriate level and break a sweat!

2.       Provides educational benefits. Geocaching is being used to teach geography, history, social studies, and science. You’ll also learn to respect the environment as you appreciate the natural gems where the caches are hidden.

3.       Gives you a sense of accomplishment. Especially for children, it will boost their self-esteem when they successfully found a cache.

4.       Helps you be more social. Meet people with the same interests online. Do meet-ups and go geocaching together. 

5.       Allows you to work in a team. Belonging in a group teaches you leadership, cooperation, and communication. You’ll learn how your unique qualities and strengths can contribute to your enjoyment in working together and accomplishing tasks as a team.

If you’re thinking about your first geocaching, find one in your area at North Georgia’s Tallulah Falls is also a popular place for geocaching and some sightseeing. Read this guide on geocaching at Tallulah Gorge State Park.

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